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Research work profile

Dementia awareness raising program for Nasik Police on the occasion of Kumbh-Mela 2015

– by Mangal Kardile (Founder – Mental Health Aims)

About 15 lecture series program has been completed about - Dementia awareness raising and its significance to Kumbh-Mela for all Nasik city Police stations including Riot control unit between 16 July’15 to 04 August’15.

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Research Papers - Humanities, Medicine, Technology

Research project update (Clinical, Forensic and de-addiction) – 2011-2015
*“Dementia Awareness raising lecture series program on the occasion of Kumbh-Mela” for Nasik Police (15 lectures for all Police Stations) 16th July-4th Aug.’15  
*Campaign “UMACE-VIP Cognitive test tool for Visually Impaired” launched on Indiegogo Crowd funding website on 14th April 2015 to 16th May’15
*2011-2014 Research project for the Memory and cognitive exam for
Neuropsychological assessment, the development of a diagnostic tool -“Universal Memory And Cognitive Exam (UMACE)”
(The three phase research work started in 2011 and completed in 2014 with over 350 patient assessments in psychiatric and neurological disorders      
Presently in publishing procedure, with funding award from Australian   organization “Capacity Australia”, June 2014)
*2011-2012 – Project: Comparative study of Stress and Personality Traits among Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic  
Assessment of Alcohol abuse/dependent population for personality traits and stress done in the De-addiction centre run by a private psychiatrist
*2011-2012 – Project:  Understanding International laws, National laws and human rights with respect to the forensic psychiatric population
Assessment of Central Jails in Maharashtra State (project completion for International Diploma in Mental Health law & Human Rights, WHO Geneva and ILS law college, Pune)

*Research work presented on National and International conferences in different issues regarding mental health and specializing in elder issues - Alzheimer’s & Dementia awareness raising, elder capacity and elder abuse – 2010-2014
*Research work – June 2015- continued
Development of UMACE-VIP extended part of original UMACE diagnostic tool for visually impaired population- assessment started in June 2015 at National Association for Blind, Nasik
*Research project presentation Symposium – October 2014
Research concentration – Geriatrics, Mental health law and Human rights  
Title: “CAPCITY, RISK AND ABUSE: A symposium of the capacity taskforce shared interest forum (Capacity and abuse in elderly Indian population-case studies)”
In the “2014 International Meeting (IPA) International Psychogeriatrics Association” Organized by: IPA in collaboration with Peking University Institute of Mental Health, Psychogeriatric Interest Group, Chinese Society for Psychiatry Beijing, China 23 -26 October, 2014
*Research project presentation – September 2014
Research concentration – Geriatrics, Mental health law and Human rights (ongoing project)
Title: “Understanding Mental Health Issues and Abuse in elderly Indian population”
1st Annual International Capacity Conference "Capacity, ethics and the Prevention of Abuse" Organized by Capacity Australia and The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, Hong Kong- 20 Sept. 2014
*Research project presentation – March 2014
Research concentration – Geriatrics, Mental health law and Human rights
Title: “Coercion in Geriatrics - Are we ready to handle?” In the “II Indo European Symposium on Coercion” Organized by: Department of Psychiatry, Mysore Medical College & Research Institute, Mysore, India 24 -25 March 2014
*Clinical professional research presentation --- September.'12
Research concentration--- Clinical Psychology and Diagnostics
Title: “Using a Multicultural Model to develop an Universal Diagnostic Tool for Cognitive and Memory Impairments” Organized by – International Psychogeriatric Association International Meeting, Cairns, Australia,7-11 September, 2012
*Clinical professional research presentation --- Jan.'12
Research concentration--- Clinical Psychology
Title: “Coherence between Rational Intelligence, Success and Emotions in Paranoid Personality Disorder Population"  
Presented in the National level seminar, "Emotional Intelligence as a predictor of success", organized by Dept. of Psychology, Bhonsala Military College, Nasik, 27th to 29th Jan.'12
*Professional social work presentation - Jan.’12
Research concentration--- Psychology, social work and Technology
Title: “A Techno-Cognitive approach to cultivate a Mentally Healthy society”
XXX Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Professional Social Work
Organized by - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) Bengaluru, India - Jan.’2012
*Clinical Research presentation - Nov.’ 2011
Research concentration--- Cognitive Psychology and Technology
Title: “Cohesion of Cognitive and Technological inference for treating Dementia”
The Fifth International congress of the Asian Society Against Dementia, Jointly organized by,- Asia Society against Dementia, The Chinese Dementia Research Association, The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists— Hong Kong, Nov. 2011  
*Academic-Professional Research presentation - May’ 2011
Research concentration--- Humanities, Medicine and Technology
Title: “Using visual effects technology for treating psychiatric problems”
“17th International conference organized by "Society for Philosophy and Technology, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA, May 2011

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