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Research work profile

Dementia awareness raising program for Nasik Police on the occasion of Kumbh-Mela 2015

– by Mangal Kardile (Founder – Mental Health Aims)

About 15 lecture series program has been completed about - Dementia awareness raising and its significance to Kumbh-Mela for all Nasik city Police stations including Riot control unit between 16 July’15 to 04 August’15.

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Neuro-cognitive brain exercises kit

Memory & Cognitive exercises for all ages

Items included as follows

  • Catalogue with detail information about 18 sets & item photographs (can be purchased separately)
  • Set 1 - to Set 18 can be purchased separately or together as one item
  • All sets are suitable for the population as below
    • Normal children - ages 2.6 years to 5 years (to locate subtle changes early)
    • Special children - ages 4 years to 14 years
  • Adolescents, Adults and Elderly population having cognitive impairment from mild to severe stage

Note: Please inquire about pricing for each item by email: info.mentalhealthaims@gmail.com


UMACE (Universal Memory And Cognitive Exam)

Diagnostic assessment tool kit for memory and Cognitive impairments (ages 18 +) suitable for global population except visually impaired and IQ below 70.

Universal Memory And Cognitive Exam

This kit includes items as follows

  • Technical manual
  • Assessment kit for general population + additional items for administration purposes
  • Additional assessment kit for persons having speech and motor deficit and persons with hearing disability

Note: Please inquire about pricing for the total kit by email: info.mentalhealthaims@gmail.com



Additional features useful to detect memory and cognitive deficits in visually impaired persons

  • This kit comprises manual and various instruments to understand audio-spatial-olfactory-gustatory cognitive abilities as this population is deprived of visual information.
  • The kit will be available soon and is an extension of original "UMACE"

Note: Please inquire for further information by email: info.mentalhealthaims@gmail.com

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