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Research work profile

Dementia awareness raising program for Nasik Police on the occasion of Kumbh-Mela 2015

– by Mangal Kardile (Founder – Mental Health Aims)

About 15 lecture series program has been completed about - Dementia awareness raising and its significance to Kumbh-Mela for all Nasik city Police stations including Riot control unit between 16 July’15 to 04 August’15.

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Mental Health Aims - Our Mission in Mental Health

Hello all, I wanted to educate people regarding psychiatric disorders owing to my personal experiences as a family friend of an affected individual.

My research started by combining Philosophy and Technology for the Psychiatric cases. The research paper was presentation as - Using visual effects technology for treating psychiatric problems, in - The 17th International conference organized by Society for Philosophy and Technology, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA, May 2011.

As I started working with the psychiatric cases, I was motivated to do further research development in the memory and motor dysfunctions and to develop concepts to detect and treat these functional problems at an early stage, especially the Mild cognitive impairments and Dementia.

The research work for dementia therapy has been presented as - Cohesion of Cognitive and Technological inference for treating Dementia- in The Fifth International congress of the Asian Society Against Dementia, Jointly organized by,- Asia Society against Dementia, The Chinese Dementia Research Association, The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists, Hong Kong, Nov. 2011

Invention for a new diagnostic tool for memory and motor control problems is the another area of concentration where Psychology and Technology has been combined together.

While working for the dementia therapy research I understood the diagnostic limitations in the memory and cognitive dysfunctions and the idea of invention came into mind and I developed a diagnostic tool for early investigation to surpass these limitations and presented the research paper- Titled - Using the multicultural model for the development of Universal diagnostic tool, for cognitive and memory impairments, Organized by - International Psychogeriatric Association International Meeting, Cairns, Australia, 7-11 September, 2012

The mission is to connect multidisciplinary fields together to address the ever challenging mental health issues on an international level. Not only does it gain a multi-dimensional perspective but also helps in generating commercial resources for people all over the globe.

Thank you

Dr. Mangal Kardile

MPsychClin, MPhil & IDMHL&HR
Medical Neuroscience, Duke University, USA
(Clinical Psychology)
Research/Work attention: Neuropsychology
Member - International Psychogeriatrics Association, ARDSI, “Asia Consortium” (with auspice under the Capacity Taskforce and IPA)
Editorial board member- International Journal of Health Sciences and Research, (A quarterly e-journal for promoting research for human welfare)

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Mental Health Aims